Monday, December 7, 2009

Developing a Winning Internet Marketing Mindset

Mindset is vitally important to achieving success in everything you do in life, including success in your internet business. Focusing on the marketing side of learning and growing your online business is, of course, essential. But equally essential for achieving your short-term and long-term goals is to have the right mindset.

Many of us reach adulthood with a fairly flimsy understanding of just how crucial a positive, winning attitude is and we battle on hoping for the best case scenario, but expecting a less than ideal result. Unfortunately, most of the time we get what we expect and not what we hope for!

James Barrett Talks About The Importance Of Mindset In Internet Marketing James Barrett talks about the importance of the correct mindset when doing internet marketing, and why he believes it is so important to have self belief.

Developing the *MINDSET* That Will Create You Wealth believes that real wealth and success as an internet entrepreneur comes down to your understanding of two key principles. 1. Marketing 2. Mindset. Most people in this industry focus on developing the tangible marketing skills to build their business, which is important, but is still only half of the equation.

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More specifically, how to strategically use the power of the internet to grow ANY business. As part of my courses, I always include a module on mindset. When you have a positive, success oriented, abundant mindset, ... It includes running for public office and winning — not once, but TWICE — at the age of only 12! (Yep, even before I could vote, I was a public official!) It includes having the Rev. Jesse Jackson as one of my students in a leadership class that I taught ...

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